Report Finds that Support Scheme of Renewable Energy is Present in 127 Countries

According to a report from an independent Washington DC-based research organization, The Worldwatch Institute, there are 127 countries around the world which have provided support schemes for renewable energy.

Evan Musolino, the author of the report, has drawn analysis for his “Vital Signs Online” trend from some data taken from “REN21’s Renewables 2013 Global Status Report”, of which he actually co-authored.

Musolino reported on his latest work that policies on ninety-nine Feed-in Tariff (FIT) are now in place all over the world at either state or provincial level or national, while there are quotas of a specified minimum renewable energy power share production which can be manifested in 76 countries.

Despite the downturn in the state of the economy which leaves a number of countries in the state of recession, investments in the expansion and development renewable energy has been following an upward trend, most especially in the industry of solar photovoltaics. This has seen costs fall in module by as much as eighty percent since the year 2008, and twenty percent since the year 2012.

There are 66 countries which have offered tax incentives on the development of the renewable energy at the beginning of this year. There are also 58 percent of countries within the middle of the decade that provide support to the schemes of renewable energy in Central Asia and Europe.

According to Musolino, policymakers are facing new different challenges as the sector of the renewable energy continues to mature. Changes in the policies have actually driven by different factors that are both negative and positive.

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China Initiates Investigation in US Renewable Energy Trade Barrier

The trade investigation of US – China that was initiated by SolarWorld is now starting to turn into a match of mudslinging between these two highly powerful countries. Now, China has been said to start an investigation on the policy support of renewable energy of the United States.

It has also been reported by Reuter that the Ministry of Commerce in the country if China announced its decision in their certain statement on their web site online telling the public that they have decided to set off an investigation in trade barriers into subsidies and policy support of the sector of the renewable energy of US. The products of wind, hydro and solar technology will also be integrated in their examination.

The Ministry of Commerce of China went on saying that the policies of US constitute a barrier in trade against the renewable energy items that the Chinese are exporting to the US. Moreover, it has been said that United States measures have “violated the US” commitments restriction on the industry of renewable energy on China, which reduces the current competitiveness of the products of China in the market of US.

Reuters also add that an investigation that will be done is actually expecting to cover various programs in the United States. These programs will be investigated from California, New Jersey, Ohio, Massachusetts and Washington.

Aside from that, it has also been announced earlier this week that China might also launch an important investigation into the subsidies and polysilicon dumping in the United States.


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Bipartisan Shows Support Renewable Energy Freedom of America

A group of Democrats and 60 Republicans have united together in order to advocate for the development of renewable energy receiving a very strong support in the forthcoming tax reform debate. This actually comes from a letter to the House of Committee.

The group is debating about the fact that renewable energy is highly crucial now to the economic growth of the country, and it is also beneficial for creating new jobs, domestic manufacturing and to the independence of American energy. This proposal is led by Representatives Earl Blumenauer, Jon Runyan and Paul Ruiz.

The letter emphasizes that the development of renewable energy is considered as one of the most highly regarded economic growth areas for the twenty-first century. It also points out that the uncertainty in the policy should not decrease the investment in renewable energy. It is important to note that many countries around the world have created an increasing investment in this during the recent years.

The group actually advocates for the tax code to have a maintaining policy that will promote the development and investment in the technologies of renewable energy. The innovations in the renewable energy are highly beneficial for the Americans while they are also obtaining its advantages to the energy economy.

It is possible that the outstanding political opposition to increase the development in the renewable energy may be swept away by lure of domestic manufacturing, by the powerful enticing new jobs and the inherent freedom in the independence of energy. Will you believe that will start a higher bipartisan support for the development or renewable energy?

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